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  • Log in and complete tasks to promote other members and you'll earn credits.

  • The more tasks you complete, the more credits you earn.

  • When you reach enough credits, you spend those on your own launch, social profile boost or content promotion.

Where we can help

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  • Which payment methods do you accept?

We can supports several card brands from large global networks like Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover to local networks like Cartes Bancaires in France or Interac in Canada.

  • What happens after I sign up and pay?

As soon as you register and subscribe to the yearly membership, you get access to everything in Launch Club. You also receive 300 credits to get you started.

  • Do you offer support and help if I need it?

You know we do!! You can email (, text or fill out the form to get instant help from us when you're building a campaign or if you're just completing tasks and earning credits.

  • How do I cancel?

Log in to Launch Club and go to the profile drop down. You'll see the subscription menu. There you can cancel your subscription immediately and you won't be charged again. Just note that you loose your existing credits and any active tasks you were running after the month of your last payment. Hit up support anytime with questions.

  • Can I be anonymous while a member?

Yes you can choose to remain stealth and not use your real name if you choose. The option for that is in your profile. You can give yourself a creative name like Bregor Underhill or Thalion Oakheart or Faramir Windfoot. Bonus points to you if you can tell me where I found these names 😉

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You're only 2 minutes away from successfully promoting your content and product launches.

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